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City of Byram
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 to the City of Byram Fire Department website. This site is designed to provide resources and information about your local fire department. The City of Byram Fire Department officially began on June 24, 2011 with the swearing in of Fire Chief Marshall C. Robinson, Jr. Our goal is to provide the best fire protection in a cost efficient manner while encouraging economic development through a strong fire department.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors   

In Case of Emergency, Dial 911


Non-emergency Dispatch: 601.372.2327 

City of Byram Fire Department:

Admin Office 601.351.9700




 CLICK on [Videos - Documents - Other] for fun and educational videos, fire department documents, and past issues of the fire department monthly article BURNING ISSUES featured in Byram's hometown newspaper the Byram Banner


Future Plans for

City of Byram Fire Department

On May 9, 2012 your City of Byram Fire Chief requested a meeting with the Mississippi State Rating Bureau, to explain what your fire department was doing, planned and (what the rating bureau expected) for your insurance to be a Class 7. As most may or may not know, parts of Byram are a Class 7 (about 3 road miles from the Davis Rd volunteer station) while the rest still served by the same fire department is a Class 10.

This letter was presented to the City of Byram Mayor and Board of Aldermen for their knowledge, and city planning. Click on the link below to read the letter from the Mississippi State Rating Bureau. Our goal, every City of Byram resident having the same class of insurance. 

Below  are what insurance average cost is in the listed classes. 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors      

 MSRB Letter Link












Sirens are Comming

Click on siren for current and additional locations.



Call Fire Ops Commander

Tim Everett at 601.351.9700

for questions



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Quick-1, has arrived and is now serving Byram residents. Quick-1 is being responded by Byram Command Staff, and other volunteer staff of the City of Byram Fire Department. Quick –1 acquired from Sunbelt Fire Apparatus of Fairhope, Alabama.

Curtis Gho is our Apparatus Sales Partner. 























Reserve-3 is a 1993 EOne 1250 gallon per minute pumper. Reserve-3 is fitted with equipment for service in our community. While the new Central Fire Station is under construction, she will be housed with Ladder-10 at the City Public Works Complex.

Ladder 10 is a 1993 EOne—135, 1500 gallon per minute aerial.

Ladder 10 was purchased from the City of Gulfport, MS equipped for service in our community. Ladder 10 has 6 years on her current rating, and while the new Central Fire Station is under construction, she will be housed with Reserve-3 at the City Public Works Complex.


Firefighter Marlon Dixon

Firefighter Drew Hartzog

Firefighter Lane Putt

Firefighter Chad Oswalt

These new firefighters will be joining our staff fulltime March 4, 2013.




Fire/Lighting Premium

Savings over Class 10






















Sources for Rates: 

Mississippi Residential Property Insurance Underwriters Association

UPDATED  - 07/01/12